Wind energy

Protection for gearboxes and bearings

In the wind sector in particular, the service life of systems is of central importance, since any renewal or replacement of system components entails a substantial investment. As a result. REWITEC® products offer attractive added value. Many well-known manufacturers and operators of wind turbines appreciate the efficacy of the products and use them on a regular basis. Even scientific tests and reports show that using REWITEC® products increases smooth running and reduces wear in main gears. Adding DuraGear® W100 specially developed for the wind industry can extend the life of all moving parts right through to the scheduled repowering, without having to make an additional investment in a gearbox. Consequently, the replacement of a gearbox can be better planned and moved to a windless period.

The special high-temperature grease GR400 has also been applied to pitch, generator and main bearings and azimuth and pitch gears for many years. Not only can already stressed systems and components benefit from the surface refinement of patented silicate formulation, the products can also be used preventively. Because on the basis of reduced friction and the resulting smoothing of the surfaces, damage can be prevented even in young systems.

The results, like the extended service life of components, removal of previous damage and the positive impact on bearings and their CMS data, convince not only owners, operators, technical and commercial managers but also those companies involved in the service and maintenance business of wind turbines. This is why, many renowned service firms have contractually assured the products and services of REWITEC®.

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