Practical and versatile

Below you will find updates, reports and videos from various industries and media – get to know more about REWITEC® and its product applications.

References from the consumer sector

Automotive, Racing & Co.

Subi-Performance reports on its German YouTube channel from minute 21:35 about our REWITEC products, especially about the application of our REWITEC G5 and about the already convincing experiences of a good friend. Subi-Performance was not paid by us to record this video.

Statements from the wind sector

Böel Wind farm

No more gearbox failures since 2011: Dipl. Kfm. Claus Marxen is the owner and manager of the wind farm Böel GmbH and has no doubts about the effectiveness of REWITEC® products in the gearboxes, bearings and generators of his systems.

ABO Wind

Successful use in wind turbines at ABO Wind Betriebs GmbH: Markus Nass, Sales Director Technology & Service, talks of how the condition of gearboxes has been improved by using REWITEC®.


Joint tests at the company CMC GmbH confirm longer running times and less noise in wind turbines: Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Roman Wolff reports on the effects of REWITEC® products.

Statement from the mining industry

Mining company/USA

Less downtime and less energy consumption since we started using REWITEC® products: Bill Wilson, manager of a leading mining company in the United States, tells of his experience with the lubricant additive.

News item

Deutsche Welle

REWITEC® at the TÜV: Managing Director Stefan Bill explains the benefits of the technology and how it manages to bring the engine of a car back to as good as new.