Innovative technology for more performance

The abrasion and the wear on bearings, gearboxes and similar units is a key issue when it comes to service life and sustainable functionality. Here in particular, the spotlight falls on the aspects of energy consumption, power and operational safety.

Refinement process

Step 1: The silicon coating is transported via a lubricant into the friction area of gearboxes, bearings or the motors and thus gets to the stressed metal surfaces.

Step 2: The crystalline temperatures produced as a result of metal friction cause a reaction of the coating particles on the metallic surfaces and set off the physical/chemical bonding process.

Step 3: On the basis of this chemical compound, the surfaces exposed to friction are given a ceramic quality and a new corrosion-resistant metal-ceramic surface is created. The material properties improve in the process in terms of friction and wear significantly, whereas the lubricant properties remain unchanged.

REWITEC® has committed itself to this task and has developed an unprecedented product portfolio. The nano- and micro-particle-based surface treatment additives are used in so-called tribological systems and are added as an additive to the lubricants of the units. The lubricant in this case acts as a means of transportation and carries the silicon coating onto loaded metal surfaces. By using friction energy and crystalline temperatures that arise in the so-called mixed friction range, the products passivate the surface and reduce the roughness. They affect the service life, energy consumption, and safety of systems, machinery and gearboxes sustainably and in a positive way.

The innovative technology of lubrication expert REWITEC® ensures that machine performance and energy efficiency are enhanced over the long term and the wear in the tribological systems is reduced. Once added to the lubricant, the Rewitec® products, specifically developed for each respective purpose, provide you with protection over many hours of operation. The concentrated active agents are generally supplied pre-mixed in a neutral white oil, which is compatible with practically all standard lubricants. For special lubricants, such as polyglycol oils, we are able to provide appropriate special products. It is also possible to apply our active agents to special lubricants supplied by the client.

Further background information on the mode of action and the different terms can be found on the FAQ's or via the REWITEC® blog.

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