System types treated

Application in practice

The versatile use in practice confirms the intention of REWITEC® products: long-term and efficient runtimes. The following overview shows an extract of system types of various wind turbine manufacturers where the operators are already using REWITEC® products. Get an overview.

Wind turbines treated (extract):

System manufacturer System type
AN Bonus 1.000 kW
CSIC Haizhuang 2.000 kW VSCF
DeWind D4 (600 kW), D6 (1.000 kW), D8 (2.000 kW)
Gamesa G47, G52, G8x
GE GE 1.5sl, GE 1.6, GE 2.3, GE 3.6
Goldwind 750 kW
HSW 1.000 kW
Jacobs 600 kW
NEC Micon 600 kW, 750 kW, 800 kW, 1.000 kW
Nordex N43, N52, N54, N60, N80, N 117/2400, S70, S77
REpower 5M
Siemens 1.000 kW, 1.300 kW, 2.300 kW
Sinovell 1.500 kW
Suzlon Grease applications
Tacke TW80, TW600, TW1.500
Vestas V25, V39, V44, V47, V52, V66, V80, V90