Efficient surface refinement

REWITEC® products can be used in versatile applications. To gear the concentrates to the various areas of use, formulations are used which are designed in an application-specific way. The product variants are based on the specific criteria and requirements of the industry. The peculiarities of REWITEC® products can be explained mainly by the many advantages of the technology.

20% weniger Temperatur

20 % less temperature
in gearboxes and bearings*

33 % weniger Reibung in Getrieben und Lagern

33 % less friction
in gearboxes and bearings*

50 % weniger Rauigkeit an Metalloberflächen

50 % less roughness
on metal surfaces*

* Information as per rolling wear investigations on the 2-disc test facility at the Competence Centre of Tribology at Mannheim University 09/2012

Further product benefits:

  • Reduction of abrasion and wear as well as reconditioning of metal surfaces exposed to friction
  • Reduction of vibrations
  • Permanent wear protection
  • Significant optimisation of the original material properties
  • Improved film formation
  • Surface refinement
  • Reduced spare parts requirements
  • Extended service life for systems treated

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