ROSCH and REWITEC. Cooperation for sustainable and long-term system operation.

Lingen / Lahnau, 09/03/2019

Fresh wind for the future operation of turbines! RoSch Industrieservice GmbH and technology company REWITEC are joining together as partners in the pursuit of a mutual goal: sustainable and long-term system operation as well as cost optimizations and increased efficiency for operators. For today and tomorrow.

As a specialist service provider for onshore and offshore wind turbines, ROSCH has been developing into a successful international company since its founding. The focus of the almost 100 man team in their daily work is the maintenance and repair of wind turbines to ensure that they operate smoothly and efficiently. This cooperative step towards a partnership with the international lubricant specialist REWITEC is promising. This is because REWITEC develops nano- and micro-particle based lubricants that provide effective surface finishing and wear minimization for systems and gearing mechanisms.

REWITEC Managing Director Stefan Bill explains: “With our unique patented lubricants, we reduce friction within systems and gearing mechanisms by up to 55%, ensuring long-term wear protection and a stagnation in current anomalies. Their effectiveness has been proven scientifically.

Furthermore, their use improves the original material properties of surfaces, increasing the service life of treated systems enormously.”

ROSCH CEO Maik Schlapmann sees great potential for the future in this partnership with REWITEC: “The use of these high-tech concentrates and greases is promising with regard to the continuous operation of systems in particular, especially those that are meant to be operated for 20 years or longer. With our expertise and experience with respect to system servicing, we are working together on significantly increasing service lives, which will ultimately lead to cost optimizations as well.”

Starting immediately, system operators will be able to profit from the combination of our skills and gain the maximum longevity for their wind turbines, both onshore as well as offshore. The high-quality service of ROSCH combined with innovative REWITEC lubricants delivers the efficient and profitable systems operation of tomorrow.

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