REWITEC announce Milestone in Wind Turbine Treatments

Lahnau, 07/01/2020: Today, REWITEC GmbH, the developer, producer and marketer of an innovative nano- and micro-particle-based surface refining technology for gears and bearings announces a milestone in treatment for wind turbines.

Stefan Bill, Managing Director of REWITEC GmbH said “in June 2020 we reached the significant step of delivering a cumulative 3000 treatments to wind turbines all over the world. Manufacturers, warranty providers, service companies and oil formulators rely on REWITEC to keep wind working”. 

This milestone comes less than a year after REWITEC was acquired by Croda International PLC. Bill added “with Croda, REWITEC is stronger: more research and development, a larger range of products to offer customers and more opportunities for smart partnering”.

Bill was also excited about future prospects for REWITEC in wind. “In the last nine years, 2.5 times more wind turbine generating capacity was built worldwide than in the previous ten years before that. Customers look to REWITEC to keep their wind turbines working reliably and without breakdown. Furthermore, with the development of wind farms both on and offshore accelerating in the next 10 years, REWITEC is perfectly positioned for first fill applications. We work closely with formulators, to understand their needs in wind and to apply the REWITEC technology at the commissioning stage. It will not be long before we reach another significant treatment milestone for REWITEC!”.

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