Federal Minister of Economics Rösler visits REWITEC®

Federal Minister of Economics Rösler visits REWITEC®

Philipp Rösler visited the medium-sized technology company REWITEC® in Lahnau in Hessen on Thursday, 01.08.2013. The talks focused on the REWITEC® products. They optimise the energy efficiency of wind power plants, ships, industrial machinery and cars.

REWITEC® visit

Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Dr. Philipp Rösler: “If the energy revolution is to succeed, we need innovative companies like REWITEC®. At the same time, this young company is a prime example of our German SME sector, which is very much the backbone of the success of our economy. During my visit today, I saw among other things, how pioneering research in the field of nanotechnologies is transferred into innovative products and how as a result, engines and systems become more efficient and more durable. As a result, CO2 emissions can be reduced and a real contribution made to sustainable mobility and making the energy revolution a reality“.

This young Central Hessian company makes pioneering specialty lubricants based on nanotechnology and its major emphasis is on products "100% Made in Germany". These products are used mainly in large gearboxes and bearings for wind turbines, and in engines of container ships, commercial vehicles and generators. And private customers too can extend the life of their car engines and reduce fuel consumption by using these easily applicable products.

The managing director Stefan Bill explained: "By changing the surface of so-called tribological systems such as gears, bearings and internal combustion engines, the roughness of the surfaces, friction and temperature are significantly reduced. This considerably boosts the energy efficiency of these units used a thousand times a day across the world." In addition to reduced energy consumption, this means real sustainability in all machinery and equipment. The lifetime of these units is significantly increased, which contributes to supply and system security and saves on the cost of repairs and spare parts. "Our increasingly scarce global resources are consciously preserved. The emissions of the climate killer no. 1 - CO2 - and other hazardous emissions such as soot particles are significantly reduced. Just the use in marine engines, which burn up to 300 tonnes of heavy oil per day, can demonstrably reduce fuel consumption by up to 4%. This can save shipping companies millions of Euro in fuel costs every year," said Mr. Bill. With over 90,000 ships worldwide, a gigantic opportunity for environmental protection!

The various applications and developments were initiated by customers with the relevant wear and efficiency problems. This is how REWITEC® works with a focus on customers and solutions to expand the product range, in cooperation with colleges and universities.

REWITEC® thus shows that the substantial progress on energy efficiency comes from the market-driven innovation of companies and this also furthers the aim of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. Various tests have scientifically proven the REWITEC® technology, including at the University of Mannheim and the University of Giessen. Here, the technology was put through its paces, with impressive results: 33% less friction, 20% less temperature and 50% less roughness than with conventional industrial lubricants!

The products of this small company from Lahnau are keeping systems and generators running safely and reliably worldwide. The spectrum ranges from wind turbines in Germany, USA, France, Japan and China or sugar mills in the United States or gas engines in New Zealand ...

In 2007, the company was among the finalists at the German Industry Innovation Award and has won a host of other since then.

The managing partner of REWITEC® GmbH, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Bill says:
"With REWITEC®, we can reduce CO2 emissions in Germany by more than 20 million tonnes per year! Real sustainability means that components in machines and system last for many years and this is where REWITEC® can make a major contribution!"

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