The future for your fleet

The innovative REWITEC® technology is perfectly geared to the needs of the shipping industry and protects drives effectively from wear. Many well-known shipping companies, owners and insurers are working along with the central Hessian company and have its products in regular use. Because the unique nanoparticle-based lubricant additives prove how effective they are in any type of motors, gearboxes, bearings, compressors and generators. Targeted refinement of the metal surfaces exposed to friction considerably reduces systems failures.

REWITEC® products are particularly used in the areas of main engines and auxiliary diesels, as the results there are particularly noticeable. The first use of the silicate formulation sets the refinement process in motion. Vibration and noise in the engines are significantly reduced and motor losses are reduced. This function and effectiveness has been confirmed by several independent reports.

Our customers from the marine sector