Friction, wear, lubrication– bases of tribology

If you have any questions about technical terms or you would like to find out more about the background of REWITEC® technology, please use the table below, in which the Central Hessian company will give you an explanation of contexts and concepts.

Tribology: Of the origins of tribology

Earliest developments

Frictional forces and their impact have long fascinated humanity. A host of references show that from the earliest times our ancestors were looking for ways to harness and use the force of friction. The kindling of fire, crank and stone axe as the first simple tools: everything is based on friction.

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Lubricants: design features that save energy & protect against wear

Lubricants to reduce friction in sliding and rolling elements

Lubricants are by far not an invention of modern industry, - even if it might seem so now with the addition of numerous additives - but were already used by our ancestors to reduce friction. Also, the term "greasing" has historical origins and derives from the Middle High German word "Smer", i.e. of raw animal fat.

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Maximum performance for wind turbines

Wind turbine gearboxes as sensitive systems

A lack of network capacity, major voltage fluctuations, continuously changing wind conditions, coasting and the intermittent driving of components: Wind turbines are highly susceptible to interference. A high level of gear wear associated with frequent gearbox changes is the result. 1 -2 gearbox replacements per year in wind turbines are not uncommon.

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