More future for your systems

Whether in engines, gearboxes or bearings - friction and the associated wear is unavoidable in all moving parts. But this wear can be prevented by the selective use of REWITEC® products. Because the Central Hessian innovative company has successfully devoted itself to this area of tribology. The nano- and micro-particle-based lubricant additives of the company have proven themselves by scientific reports and years of use, and thus constitute a high-tech product. They consist of the smallest silicates and can build a layer on the surfaces under the pressure and the heat in the systems. This processing removes the faults on the metal surfaces and protects the tribological systems in a sustainable way.

The application of the lubricant additives includes many advantages and protects your investment over the long term. Increasing the service life of bearings, gearboxes and similar units and reducing downtime and breakdowns enhances the products from a commercial point of view. Because by reducing the so-called life cycle costs, the cost of spare parts and service costs can be significantly reduced in addition to the money and the rate of return.

The unique REWITEC® technology is also attractive from an environmental point of view: changing lubricants and replacing system parts becomes less frequent, thereby protecting the environment in the long term. For companies committed to sustainability and that have that have signed up to a sustainability act, the products of the lubricant expert therefore offer an interesting and environmentally friendly choice.

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