REWITEC® on the 2-disc test facility

The Competence Centre of Tribology at the University of Mannheim used the 2-disc test facility to examine the friction and wear behaviour of materials and coatings, and the lubricant properties in loads by rolling. Thanks to the modern test procedure, the data (z. B. friction torque) can be continuously recorded digitally. In addition, volume-based wear can be determined by weighing.

Scientific investigation with Castrol X320

  • The red graph is without REWITEC®
  • The blue graph is with REWITEC® added after approx. 20 hours
  • The green graph is with REWITEC® from the start
  • Up to 46% less surface roughness
  • Up to 22% less frictional force

Scientific investigation with AGIP SX320

REWITEC® coating in the before/after comparison: SEM micrographs after the long-term test

The investigations confirm:

20% weniger Temperatur

20 % less temperature in
gearboxes and bearings*

33 % weniger Reibung in Getrieben und Lagern

33 % less friction in
gearboxes and bearings*

50 % weniger Rauigkeit an Metalloberflächen

50 % less roughness
on metal surfaces*

* Information as per rolling wear investigations on the 2-disc test facility at the Competence Centre of Tribology at Mannheim University 09/2012