Working for the region

REWITEC® stands for safety, sustainability and reliability and the company would like to transfer its commitment and enthusiasm for its solutions to the world around it. As a result, the technology company has been active for many years in the charity and particularly in the sporting field with sponsoring activities. The lubricant specialist REWITEC® has confidence in its location as well as the Central Hessian region and is therefore keen to specifically support the partners from its local area. The values that the company embodies, can be ideally reconciled with those of sport, as dedicated athletes in particular show how to achieve excellence with team spirit and motivation.

SC 1929 Waldgirmes e.V.

REWITEC® is now official Sponsor of the SC 1929 Waldgirmes supporting the promotion of young athletes in the region.

The SC Waldgirmes has managed to get back into the Hesse league, the highest Amateur class in Hesse. The SC Waldgirmes has already had an impressive record in the last few years.
After two third places in the Verbandsliga, the championship has now been reached.


HSG Wetzlar

Logo HSG Wetzlar

REWITEC® is the official Gold Sponsor of the handball team HSG Wetzlar. The Bundesliga team, which has now firmly established itself in the men's DKB-Bundesliga, originated from the two original clubs TSV Dutenhofen and TV Münchholzhausen. Since the late 90s, the HSG has been playing in the 1st handball league, the so-called strongest league in the world, and can now also book its place in the European Cup final. For more information on the current squad and more general information, go to: www.hsg-wetzlar.de

Team Max Stroh

The Team Max Stroh, like REWITEC®, is also based in Lahnau. The 17-year-old eponymous driver Max Stroh moves a Kawasaki ZXR 400 with 65 hp built in his parents' business and drives it in two cups at the same time: the "ADAC Hessen-Thüringen Motorrad Younster Cup" and the "Klassik Motorsport Cup". These championships feature starter numbers of around 35-40 riders per class and spectator numbers at a remarkable 15-30000 people per event.

The team led by Max Stroh travels throughout Europe and takes part in training and racing weekends, in places like the Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Belgium and Germany (racetracks: Nürburgring, Sachsenring, Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, Schleizer Dreieck).

To increase the performance of his racing motorcycle, to reduce the vibrations, to increase the durability of the components and to improve the ability to switching capacity of the gearbox, Max Stroh treats his Kawasaki ZXR 400 with the REWITEC® product PowerShot®.

Successes: In 2011, the young sportsman came third place in the ADAC Hessen-Thüringen Motorrad Youngster-Cup championship and in 2012 he came an excellent second place there. In the following year 2013, he managed to come fifth despite a fall and engine failures. Detailed information and up to date news can be found here: www.max-stroh-racing.de

Florian Hill

The German extreme climber Florian Hill was born in Weilburg and grew up in the central Hessian district of Lahnau. In his youth, he spent a lot of time with his hobby boxing as a competitive sport. But he finished his athletic career at the Olympic Training Centre in Frankfurt an der Oder in 2003 to devote himself to his other passion, mountaineering. At the early age of 5, Hill went on his first Alpine trip with his father and older brother and at the age of 19, he went on his first expedition to the Arctic Circle. This was followed by sled dog trips to Alaska and the Yukon Territory, Canada. The Central Hessian company REWITEC® is the main sponsor of the extreme mountaineer and has been supporting him for several years. For more information, please visit www.florianhill.com.