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REWITEC® works with a host of internationally successful companies. The following overview gives you an extract from the lubrication expert’s customer list.

Leading insurers and component manufacturers recommend the use of REWITEC® products to their customers:

What our customers say

"We as a service company must guarantee long durability and high availability of our customers' systems. REWITEC® has specifically shown with treated gears and bearings that in terms of wear protection, everything is excellent and everyone involved has a concrete benefit from this! "

Denise Koch, CSO Energy GmbH, Leisnig

"We successfully use REWITEC® in our wind power and biogas systems and this is an investment that pays off for the operator. The positive results have encouraged us to even use the protective coating on gearboxes and internal combustion engines prophylactically. If you want to protect your systems from damage in the long term, REWITEC® is a must! "

Markus Nass/Leiter Vertrieb und Service, ABO Wind AG, Heidesheim

"We have been using the product REWITEC® in the equipment TW 600 systems we manage since the middle of 2010. Since that time we have not seen any more gearbox damage on the TW 600 systems, which currently have an operating life of about 18 to 20 years. Before we first used REWITEC®, we had about 1-2 gearbox changes on average every year. We note therefore that using REWITEC® on the wind turbines we manage has more than paid for itself. "

Claus Marxen, Geschäftsführer MBT Marxen Bauträger GmbH, Mohrkirch