The future for your vehicle fleet

The management and responsibility for a fleet brings several challenges. This also includes the organisation of regular maintenance intervals as well as ensuring quality. Whether buses in local public transport, coaches, haulage trucks or a company’s car fleet - the vehicles must run efficiently and reliably. In this area, REWITEC® products can make a significant contribution. As an additive to oil in engines and gearboxes, the micro-particle-based surface treatment additives increase reliability and can have a positive impact on maintenance intervals.

Many users of the products confirm that they notice significant changes. Among other things, the vibration and noise in the vehicle become less and on the other hand, they get more power. The impact of the REWITEC® effect is noticeable in second-hand engines and gearboxes after only a few hundred kilometres. In professional circles too, word of the high-tech products of REWITEC® has already spread: The value of vehicles systematically maintained with the lubricant additives is judged to be significantly higher, as total write-offs in engines and gearboxes occur much later.