Application examples

The constant verifiability of products used is an important component for everyone involved. We continuously receive test results about our REWITEC® products, which analyse and confirm the effectiveness of the application in the wind power industry. The following application examples give a little insight.

Analysis of GE 1.5 SL wind turbine

The analysis of the main gearbox of a GE 1.5 SL wind turbine showed significant differences before and after treating the surface with REWITEC® products. The marks and traces were examined under a microscope with 200x resolution. The following results were clearly demonstrated.

The before / after comparison shows that the pitting damage on the gear flank has fully disappeared after treatment with REWITEC®.

The use of REWITEC® makes it clear that grey staining of the surfaces was removed significantly.

Justus-Liebig-University Gießen

TransMIT Project area: surface analysis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Andre Schirmeisen

Less friction and temperature in tribological systems means:

  • Less stress and wear for gearboxes and bearings
  • Greater efficiency
  • Less stress on the lubricants
  • Greater reliability and availability for use
  • Higher return