Interest in the wear minimiser REWITEC® continues to grow

Company from Central Hesse on television

After all the daily newspapers in Wetzlar and Giessen reported on the up-and-coming company REWITEC® in Lahnau over the last few days, the business editorial department of Deutsche Welle became interested. Throughout the day, a four-man team produced a story on the company and its products. Filming started in the morning at TÜV Hessen, which is just about to publish the excellent test results achieved by REWITEC®. Deutsche Welle was the first to be partially let in on the almost incredible test results that REWITEC® will not be revealing to the public until the Husum WindEnergy exhibition in September. After that, the company was presented and the production process in Lahnau filmed. What is particularly exciting is that Deutsche Welle transmits the features internationally in four languages. Here in the report on Germany, REWITEC® acts as a model company that has used its unique expertise to develop and market a worldwide unique product.

REWITEC®’s core skill lies in its handling of metal silicates, which in oil or grease are introduced as a carrier in engines, gearboxes, bearings and more and are scientifically proven to significantly reduce friction and wear and significantly increase energy efficiency. REWITEC® is already the industry standard in the wind energy sector and is already used successfully in international shipping, and now this expertise is also available in the form of REWITEC® PowerShot®, a 60ml formulation for less than 10 € for cars and motorbikes.

In the photo: In front of the camera: REWITEC® managing director Stefan Bill explains the experimental set-up at TÜV-Hessen