A contribution to sustainability

REWITEC® wishes to set down a marker for an energy-friendly environment and attaches great importance to sustainable performance.

An overview of your systems

With a lot of experience and expertise, REWITEC® offers qualified services and supports you in monitoring your systems to achieve the desired effect.

Efficient surface refinement
and minimising wear

Applications: gears and bearings • generators • motors • machines


WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 - Digitalisation to cut O&M costs - panel

Germany, WindEnergy Hamburg 2016: A panel of experts from Sentient Science, Moventas and Rewitec discuss what impact digitisation is having on operations and maintenance costs, and then look to the future of a digitalised industry.

Date: Thursday, September 29


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REWITEC® & Sentient Science - Join our live Webinar!

Assessing the Impact of Lubrication Solutions to Extend Asset Life

Tune in to hear an industry case study that details Sentient’s DigitalClone® Lifing evaluation on the impact of REWITEC®’s additive DuraGear® W100 application.

Date: Wednesday, September 7th | Time: 2:00PM EDT | Duration: 45 mins

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10.05.2017 – 11.05.2017

DVM-Workshop 2017


DVM-Workshop "Zuverlässigkeit triboligischer Systeme" 2017

Location: BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Zweiggelände Fabeckstraße, Unter den Eichen 44-46, 12203 Berlin

Organizer: DVM e.V.

Presentation Stefan Bill: 10.05.2017 - 13:15

Title: "Prognosemodell zur Lebensdauerverlängerung von Getrieben und Lagern durch Nanobeschichtung"

12.09.2017 – 15.09.2017

HUSUM Wind 2017


HUSUM Wind 2017

Location: Am Messeplatz 12-18, 25813 Husum

Organizer: Messe Husum & Congress GmbH & Co. KG


Booth: Hall 3 Booth C18

REWITEC® – Quality for surfaces

Wind energy

Longer service life, greater operating smoothness and less wear on gearboxes and bearings: With DuraGear® W100 you achieve more performance for your wind turbines.

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Long-term investment protection for your industrial systems: Reduce downtime significantly with the surface refinement of gearboxes, engines and bearings.

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Ideal for shipping: Less wear and failures of engines, gearboxes, bearings, compressors and generators, particularly efficient for main engines and auxiliary diesels.

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Whether as a logistics company or a private individual - treat the engines and gearboxes of your vehicles sustainably, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, further extend the life and power significantly.

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Significant results in long-term stress tests

REWITEC® technology proves its impact: the silicate-based formula can reduce the vibrations and running noises in machines in the long term, prevent grey staining and improve material properties.

20% weniger Temperatur

20 % less temperature in
gearboxes and bearings*

33 % weniger Reibung in Getrieben und Lagern

33 % less friction
in gearboxes and bearings*

50 % weniger Rauigkeit an Metalloberflächen

50 % less roughness
on metal surfaces*

* Information as per rolling contact wear examinations on 2disc-test facility of the Competence Center of Tribology Mannheim University 09/2012

Interesting customer reports from the field

Every industry has its own requirements and conditions, therefore the products used should be adapted to the application. Find out from the customers personally what effects the application of REWITEC® products have had in various fields.


Refined metal surfaces for long-lasting performance

Wear on bearings, gearboxes and similar units is a key issue when it comes to service life and sustainable functionality. Find out here how the traditional unique REWITEC® technology has guaranteed these aspects.


New cooperative project for lubrication experts

In collaboration with the University of Mannheim, REWITEC® was commissioned with a new R & D cooperation project by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy. The goal is to develop a new type of lubricant in the form of a fully formulated gear oil.